Yulia Brodskaya Paper Quilling

This woman’s work is to what I credit my current push towards the creative. I had never even heard of quilling before, and although I only discovered Yulia’s work in the last few months, I didn’t even notice that I had an example of her art just sitting on my bookshelf!  She designed the cover for a book I read early last year, Imagine: How Creativity Works (by Jonah Lehrer).

Quilling (also known as paper filigree) is simple in its premise: using a quilling tool, one curls and glues thin strips of paper together to create decorative designs.  Part of why I love it so much is that I have always loved embellishments (when done tastefully), and quilling is all curlicues and swirls, and it appeals to my girly tastes.  Basic technique is relative simple to begin to learn, but what this woman does with small strips of paper and glue is simply magical.  I received this book from my mother for Christmas (since she knows I’m desperate to start quilling):


But in the meantime, let us bask in the beauty of Yulia Brodskaya’s work.  You can see more of her portfolio on her website: www.artyulia.com.



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