Hello There

Morgan Sara LyonsGreetings and salutations, all you beautiful people! My name is Morgan, and I am a creative soul who spends my days working in a relatively un-creative hospital environment, only to come home and gorge myself on imaginative tidbits on the internet.

This is my little corner of the blogosphere, which I intend to use to showcase the things I find the most beautiful, creative and inspiring.  I especially dig graphic art, paper-related crafts, and photographic stylings.  I’m getting into trying to create some things myself (I’m a long-time musician but never really did much of anything in the way of creating physical art), and am trying my hand so far at quilling and origami, as well as precision paper-cutting.  I’m always seeking inspiration.

With everything I possibly can, I intend to credit and link to the creator of the beauty I’m admiring, but some of the things I have saved to post are a bit older and I can no longer remember where they came from.  In the loving spirit of the internet, I will NEVER take credit for something I haven’t made with my own two hands (which as of yet is pretty much nothing).  If anyone sees anything improperly cited, or if I have posted your work and you wish that I wouldn’t, please contact me and I’ll take it down or make adjustments post haste!

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauteous bounties that are out there.

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