Flower Power, Pit Bulls of the Revolution Campaign by Sophie Gamand

Art for the sake of art is always a beautiful thing. We as humans are lucky creatures to be able to enjoy things aesthetically.  But art for a purpose? That really floats my boat! Sophie Gamand, photographer extraordinaire, was tired of pit bulls getting a bad rap.  They are the victims of misconceptions, and often sit in shelters for much longer than the average breed, and they are euthanized more often.  They’re judged on misconceptions and general physical characteristics, and there are so many pit bulls out there that are little love bugs.

So the NYC-based photographer teamed up with several animal rescue groups in the city to do a glamorous photo shoot of pitties in flowered headdresses.  They all look beautiful, like flower children of the revolution.  Maybe it will change someone’s mind!

Baby baby2 brownie dharma europa flower-power-pit-bulls-of-the-revolution-photography-sophie-gamand-3 flower-power-pit-bulls-of-the-revolution-photography-sophie-gamand-4 flower-power-pit-bulls-of-the-revolution-photography-sophie-gamand-6 flower-power-pit-bulls-of-the-revolution-photography-sophie-gamand-7 flower-power-pit-bulls-of-the-revolution-photography-sophie-gamand-8 flower-power-pit-bulls-of-the-revolution-photography-sophie-gamand-9 flower-power-pit-bulls-of-the-revolution-photography-sophie-gamand-11 gunther HANK lucy Rex rome ruckus shelbie valentino

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