Mamika by Sacha Goldberger

When’s the last time you called your grandmother?  Gone to visit? Went out for a cup of tea? I’m as guilty as the next grandchild at not being in as often contact as I would like.

But Sacha Goldberger, French photographer extraordinaire, has pulled ahead in the doting grandchild department.  Noticing that his 91-year-old grandmother, Frederika, was feeling depressed a few years ago, Sacha suggested that Frederika let him take a series of photographs of her, complete with wild costumes and fantastical situations.  At first a reluctant participant, she did agree and from there, a superhero was born.  The project is high-concept, cheeky, and touches me greatly; I work with a largely older client base in my profession, and nothing makes me happier than seeing older folks who are still feeling spirited and don’t lose their sense of self just because they’ve had a few more birthdays than the rest of us!

The photos I have rustled up are from a combination of photo shoots, some from the original, some from a shoot where a friend of Mamika Frederika’s was invited along, and a third featuring her friend and Darth Vader. Enjoy! (Oh yes, and there is even a Mamika book! Because, of course there is. The universe wanted to cheer me up today)

00-Mamika-dark-vador-papouka 05-Mamika-dark-vador-papouka 1082057387 1082057430 1082057506 1082057529 1082057544 1082057564 1082057634 1082057671 1082057696 1082057733 1082057740 1082057754 4989763321-9e7eaa8095-o-d darth-vader-grandparents-cosplay-6 grandmas-superhero-therapy-18 kulSupermama_09-01-_509997a mamika-darkvador4 Mamika-serie-3-6-550x411 Mamika-serie-3-14 Mamika1 Mamika2 Mamika4 Mamika5 Mamika6 Mamika7 Mamika9 Mamika10 Mamika11 Mamika12 Mamika13 Mamika14 Mamika16 Mamika20 Mamikaq15 sachagoldbergerthedarkspart213-451x337 super_mamika-sacha_goldberger-21 super-mamika-goldberger-sascha8 super-mamika2 SuperMamikaMisterPapika1


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