Colourant by Floto+Warner Studio

I’m a sucker for a good rainbow.  Bright colours, contrast, interesting combinations.  I actually think it’s more than that, I’m in love with colour and ready for a relationship with it.

Studio Floto + Warner (Cassandra Warner and Jeremy Floto) have a talent for stunning photography.  In their project Colourant, they have taken water-based coloured liquids, and photographed them splashed in midair (against a natural backdrop), at a speed of 1/3200th of a second.  The results are flowy and intriguing.  They look a little different every time I look at them. Enjoy!

10476-8757694-f_w_003 10476-8757695-f_w_004 10476-8757697-f_w_005 10476-10429447-_W1_4106_jpg plentyofcolour_colourant1 plentyofcolour_colourant2 plentyofcolour_colourant3 plentyofcolour_colourant4 plentyofcolour_colourant5 plentyofcolour_colourant6 plentyofcolour_colourant7 plentyofcolour_colourant8 plentyofcolour_colourant9 plentyofcolour_colourant10


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