It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hello readers! Long time, no see.  I’ve been feeling guilty for a long time about the apparent death of my little art blog, and have finally decided it’s time to return to the blogosphere and bring my small but awesome audience more things that I find beautiful and interesting. It’s always fun having a space to share things, to spread the love, instead of just keeping it to myself.  Art for everybody!

So I’ll go back to one of my original posts, almost two years ago, where I professed my deep and undying love for calendars.  I rarely write anything on them, but I keep becoming more and more impressed with the offerings for beautiful, offbeat calendars on the internet these days.  So I took to Etsy, my happy place, and thought I’d share some of my favourites for this year (I’ll probably end up with 3 calendars this year….I can see it now…)

Rifle Paper Company Folk Calendar

This first one is a cheat, because it’s not from Etsy but I DON’T CARE OKAY? I love love love love Rifle Paper Company.  Such beautiful floral patterns (my favourite!), cards, and my favourite ever phone cases are just a few of the things I love about this company. For a brief and crazy moment, I nearly justified getting a new phone (mentally talked myself into how bad my sort-of-crappy-but-certainly-not-broken phone was) in part so I could get the good Rifle cases (as my phone is dated now).  That’s how deep my love is for this brand. They have several beautiful calendars coming out for this year (Alice in Wonderland, Traveling the World), but my favourite so far is the folk art calendar.


Tiny Twin Peaks Calendar

Enough said! For fans of the Log Lady and beyond, by And So It Goes on Etsy.


Seasonal Beer Pairings Calendar

This calendar is super cute, and I can think of several hardcore beer lovers in my life (I’m from Vancouver Island, after all!) who this would be a good fit for. By Redcruiser on Etsy.


Birthstone Letterpress Calendar

I’m a sucker for gems, and also a sucker for letterpress. Maybe I’m just a sucker? But this is a beautiful, fancy little calendar by Mink Letterpress on Etsy that has a rough cut of each month’s respective birthstone as the art for the month. It’s gorgeous! I’ve ordered this one as my main calendar this year. ❤ ❤


Flora & Fauna Wall Calendar

By Modern Printed Matter on Etsy. Lovely, colourful, and includes some of my favourite animals.


National Parks Calendar (Two Editions)

Erin Vaughan on Etsy has two different editions of her watercolour prints of American National Parks. Beautiful and outdoorsy!


I could go on and on, with this search, but I still think the best thing about the internet is how it’s opened up so many things to everyone (who has the internet, I suppose). Gone are the days when getting a calendar for Christmas meant getting one from the selection of 6 at the local bookstore that was full of stock Golden Retriever photographs.  Until next time, everyone!


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