Your Morning Cute

Well, I just randomly stumbled across the cutest little song.  It’s from one of the Pixar shorts, and it’s precious as all get-out.  I looked up the chords for my trusty tenor ukulele (which I can sort of play now!), and now officially have a new song in my repertoire that I can also sing.  It makes me smile, and I hope that you also get a smile from it today too!


I Tradizionali Tattoo Recipes

Are you sick and tired of needing to chuck back and forth to your cookbook to look up each step of your recipe? Furthermore, does it annoy you that you tend to spill food all over said cookbook or (gasp) iPad that you’re using as a cookbook?

I saw this cute little idea and thought it was so neat! I Tradizionali are illustrated tattoo recipes that you can apply to your forearms and refer to, for traditional Italian dishes such as spaghetti with dry tomatoes and anchovies, grandmother artichokes, and date balls. I thought this was such a neat idea! Available in Italian (the creators are Italian) and English.

The Color Condition

The Color Condition is comprised of two fabulous ladies, Sunny and Marianne. Located in Dallas, TX, these girls create custom streamer displays out of table cloths, painters’ drop cloths and shower curtains. The girls were drawn to repetition, patternization and colours. I think this video captures their spirit perfectly.


A beautifully done typographic music video. The best part? It was NOT made on a computer! It was painstakingly handcrafted with strategically placed light boxes and prints, and controlled remotely from a light panel. Fab!

Kid President’s Tiny Poem

Now, I am a HUGE Kid President fan! This hilariously awesome nine-year-old boy and his brother started making videos just over a year ago. Kid President provides all sorts of pep talks, has been to the U.N., kissed Beyonce, interviewed the creator of Adventure Time!, and met the president of the United States himself, Barack Obama.

This poem keeps grabbing me in a serious way. The music behind it is just perfect too. I have been feeling a bit sad lately, and something about the words really resonate. I’d love to share it with you all.