Veeptopus (Jonathan Crow)

Well, I’m pretty sure I just lucked into one of the greatest things I’ve seen in awhile on ye old internet. The creativity of others never fails me. I may have mentioned this before, but one of my favourite blogs is the Jealous Curator, and I think her title is perfect. I love things and also feel a flash of jealousy at the fact that people come up with such fun ideas. Where’s my creativity? But it doesn’t bother me too much, because I still get to enjoy everything. Art is the best.

ANYHOW, Jonathan Crow is fantastical. A history buff (as evidenced by this project), writer, and artist who works out of LA. He does a variety of work, most notably (to me), a series of portraits of every single U.S. Vice President, hand-drawn, with an octopus on his head. You heard me. I’m just going to leave this here, and start saving up the $900 CAD it will cost to get a complete set of his prints on Etsy.

01JohnAdamsSlide 02ThomasJeffersonSlide 03AaronBurrSlide 04GeorgeClintonSlide 05ElbridgeGerrySlide 06DanielTompkinSlide 07JohnCCalhounSlide 08MartinVanBurenSlide 09RichardMentorJohnsonSlide 10JohnTylerSlide 11GeorgeMDallasSlide 12MillardFillmoreSlide 13WilliamKingSlide 14JohnrekenridgeSlide 15HannibalHamlinSlide 16AndrewJohnsonSlide 17SchuylerColfaxSlide 18HenryWilsonSlide 19WIlliamAWheelerSlide 20ChesterAArthurSlide 21ThomasAndrewsHendricksSlide 22LeviPMortonSlide 23Adlai StevensonISlide 24GarretthobartSlide 25TeddyRooseveltSlide 26CharlesWFairbanksSlide 27JamesShermanSlide 28ThomasRMarshallSlide 29CalvinCoolidgeSlide 30CharlesGDawesSlide 31CharlesCurtisSlide 32JohnNanceGarnderSlide 33HenryAWallaceSlide 34HarrySTrumanSlide 35AlbenwbarkleySlide 36RichardMNixonSlide 37LyndonBJohnsonSlide 38HubertHHumphreySlide 39SpiroAgnewSlide 40GeraldFordSlide 41NelsonRockefellerSlide 42WalterMondaleSlide 43GeorgeHWBushSlide 44DanQuayleSlide 45AlCoreSlide 46_DickCheneySlide 47JoeBidenSlide

Bernhard Lang Aerial Photography

Summer is basically over.  It’s time that we face the gloomy, gray, drizzly music and just accept that fact right now.  But before we say goodbye to my very favourite warm, sunny, unseasonably dry season of the whole year, let’s check out some photography.  Aerial photography, that is, by Bernhard Lang.  Most of the photos featured here are from an Adriatic beach resort, and when I look at them, I feel the sun warm on my shoulders and my feet in the sand. Join me, won’t you?

AV_Adria001 AV_Adria003 AV_Adria004 AV_Adria005 AV_Adria006 AV_Adria008 AV_Adria009 AV_Adria010 AV_Adria011 AV_Adria013 AV_Adria014 AV_Adria015 AV001 AV002 AV003 AV004 AV005 AV006 AV007 AV008 AV009 AV011 AV012 AV013 AV014 AV016 AV017 AV018 AV019 AV020 AV021 AV022 AV023 AV025 AV026 bernhard-1 bernhard-2 bernhard-3 bernhard-4 bernhard-5 bernhard-6 bernhard-7 bernhard-8 bernhard-9

Richard Silver Photography

Wow.  Wow wow wow.  There are times that you look at photography and go, “oh, that’s nice,” or “oh, that’s pretty.”  And there are other times that you are just captivated.  I’m so glad to be making time to search out beautiful things again, and I stumbled upon the amazing photographer Richard Silver.  I originally heard about his “Time Sliced” collection (featured at the bottom of this post), wherein he takes photos of well-known landmarks over time and splices them together, and those wowed me enough.  Then I discovered that Silver is the master of “Tilt-Shift” photography, which makes the subjects and their surroundings look to be of a scale on par with an ant.  I was collecting photos for this post, and just kept going and going and going.  He sells prints through many different places (links are all on his website), and I wish I could afford one.  My goodness, they took my breath away.  Enjoy!

16640_710870168949618_4375122404445369569_n 994094_608156499220986_421930356_n 1375248_654250797944889_1695239390_n 1468580_652105994826036_551615456_n 1506024_623966797639956_450069125_n 1507635_629994147037221_1223798789_n 1511052_629137040456265_1381292617_n 1512560_612641188772517_1293524935_n 1525612_611311808905455_1299128284_n 1544362_623816444321658_1602826193_n 1544947_618345498202086_378671592_n 1545694_663058457064123_5362460568533099232_n 1555422_633057453397557_531152775_n 1609829_665127006857268_6082975717499076013_n 1660351_652626308107338_1680348896_n 1796606_631365763566726_1540842438_n 1908328_690694964300472_4400292523171416711_n 1959302_649645288405440_1446867997_n 1975248_646879485348687_1934317731_n 10259963_668503213186314_4980545498396677504_n 10268619_670765089626793_5815568330645224181_n 10294477_671691729534129_55469391128744549_n 10308307_678644865505482_439606630880097631_n 10345782_702135036489798_626872472251664413_n 10359412_684946634875305_1198373595556295701_n 10411818_682007078502594_2981781817710321874_n 10418171_688396921196943_5876034544957064980_n 10426593_695325857170716_7077978403507849710_n 10427297_716411888395446_7105610807947098215_n 10441474_685564688146833_3187168225911921995_n 10444610_683856538317648_841775546606761017_n 10475596_704887856214516_5135381395788430045_n 10479576_713329958703639_3967276953123203344_n 10521312_707634692606499_2873377343828696089_n 10565225_706907186012583_5326218704415559821_n slice-1 slice-2 slice-3 slice-4 slice-5 slice-6

Hyemi Jeong

Holy cuteness, Batman!  Hyemi Jeong is a Korean-Canadian artist based out of Toronto.  She excels at combining everyday objects and adorable doodles to make precious little works of art.  She posts her creations on Instagram, and I’ve already followed her.  You should too!

1b3c563766833ae41d5fa2de7b9f72ce 5fa9cf065780604f0b55444acf069dc8 9b269ae79da61487b54d2168bd00c882 9be093e740f7473eacbcbc09eeb57c0c 9d09d70ee210b0985604e374cf52b245 9f9dfa00079861865a15420b2bba4de8 35ec0ce7cc3e86f9541f647694a4ddec 51b6661f867f0ce293fc36d3135a12f5 56fa0c6c82175974db11688c2d2bf50a 88c02b52850c92ca39340fa03e718b3b 94e05d4283f653cfb4d80351a0c0415a 0425ab0e71d9294953193085557528a8 9031c0e18767e5adae84ce2d927413e4 27127918aab3f63f322ee4b85ed1a666 9803343889485d222a2bc89cb979d8f9 b96d221ba9efb531ca95e5dfa59e474c d0dc7ef15b8dd961ada3cf41d8a4600b d7e4cd7f6484d9d60f11996598d48058 d113ee086acd8608b2f84db4e79d48fe d930c4831bceadea3152e54bfe5594ca d7037a45456d1c44ccb132cdf88c9f05 dd765cecbca7e3b3cb5805bba417c22f ef5cd928b8592dbe5e2be2eeacdd62ec f7a8ccc8d22a22185b7133963f713670 f20ed1bbb45bf558c414a6d8ff6b021c ff4d528f3fe5d9383fdc0063f6232555

Help Ink

Hello, all you beautiful readers! I suppose you thought I’d perished, but FEAR NOT! I have just been Fringing my little heart out. So here I am, back with more artistic things that I adore.

Today’s post is about a site I discovered called Help Ink. For every five dollars you spend on their site (they make prints, notebooks, cards, and other paper goods with designs from a variety of collaborating artists), they will donate one dollar of it to one of several charities of your choice. The charities provide such things as books to African children, medical supplies, and clean drinking water. It’s such a great idea, and a way to get some beautiful art and support others.

A Lifetime of Giving Adopt Me All That Is Gold All Your Heart Be A Good One Be Good Bee Kind Being Positive Reckons the Unexpected Better When Sharewd Do The Impossible Everyone Explore Fortune Favors the eBold Four Horsemen Four Paws Give a Damn Give Live Freely Give To The Poor Given Away Good Deeds Great Here's To Unexpected Adventures Humble Beginnings It's A Beautiful Day Love More Love Others Read Rebuild Smallest Piece Smile Breathe and Go Slowly So You Plant Your Garden Thank God It's Today The End is Where We Began This Too Shall Pass You Are Capable of All Things Good You Can't Take It With You

Jerome Berbigier Photography

Greetings, children of the universe! I have been pretty busy these last few weeks, and as such there was no way for me to keep up the rate of posting I was making during my extended sick leave from work. But don’t you worry, dear readers. I have certainly still been following my favourite art and design blogs, and have a lot of really neat things to share with you, if I can just find the time to do it!

Today’s post is about Jerome Berbigier. Jerome is a French-born, Sydney-based photographer who specializes in landscape photography. As I have probably mentioned before, I am mildly obsessed with Nordic countries and the northern climates. Far from his only work, my favourite photographs by far are those he has taken of Iceland. Colourful, quiet, and natural, I feel like I’m there when I look at them.


Kathy Klein is an Arizona-based artist who adores nature. Possessing a profound love for plants, animals, and people, she creates Mandala art (a traditional Hindu and Buddhist art form) out of flowers and other natural substances such as fruits and vegetables. Her work is colourful, meditative, peaceful, and simply stunning.