Yoga Joes

Who doesn’t remember those little green army men?  With their little guns, feet moulded together like on tiny surfboards…..some of them had those little flimsy parachutes.  I spent much time staging battles with my brother or throwing the parachutists from the top of the stairs in our split-level with my oldest friend.  A classic childhood toy, no?

Yoga practitioner and entrepreneur Dan Abramson had an interesting idea, though.  He created a collection of toy army soldiers doing yoga poses (he’s called the collection Yoga Joes).  The project was funded on Kickstarter (more than meeting its goal).  They’re quirky and fun. I would love a set, myself!

3c8beb32cf30be84c360c3587b0b5076_large 9a08fc2f543f6d4273f1c113a67a4d9e_large 9e9441f3df2e257a87dae095747655ac_large 89b1e5a34c92fc05ec2a8d6583bbb327_large 98ed7c281cc2744216bb281f372c7e14_large 569bf63b582588adc4ee2393002f2673_large 9202d883d1e2dc2043d27ce0fe1362d7_large bd248e8d81df0700e035991bf3191e36_large c5587f05ce17ba46cbe4cdb41f2c97ac_large c86144a54f5bb0204ad001dd1a375c5b_large yoga-1 yoga-2 yoga-3 yoga-6


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