Veeptopus (Jonathan Crow)

Well, I’m pretty sure I just lucked into one of the greatest things I’ve seen in awhile on ye old internet. The creativity of others never fails me. I may have mentioned this before, but one of my favourite blogs is the Jealous Curator, and I think her title is perfect. I love things and also feel a flash of jealousy at the fact that people come up with such fun ideas. Where’s my creativity? But it doesn’t bother me too much, because I still get to enjoy everything. Art is the best.

ANYHOW, Jonathan Crow is fantastical. A history buff (as evidenced by this project), writer, and artist who works out of LA. He does a variety of work, most notably (to me), a series of portraits of every single U.S. Vice President, hand-drawn, with an octopus on his head. You heard me. I’m just going to leave this here, and start saving up the $900 CAD it will cost to get a complete set of his prints on Etsy.

01JohnAdamsSlide 02ThomasJeffersonSlide 03AaronBurrSlide 04GeorgeClintonSlide 05ElbridgeGerrySlide 06DanielTompkinSlide 07JohnCCalhounSlide 08MartinVanBurenSlide 09RichardMentorJohnsonSlide 10JohnTylerSlide 11GeorgeMDallasSlide 12MillardFillmoreSlide 13WilliamKingSlide 14JohnrekenridgeSlide 15HannibalHamlinSlide 16AndrewJohnsonSlide 17SchuylerColfaxSlide 18HenryWilsonSlide 19WIlliamAWheelerSlide 20ChesterAArthurSlide 21ThomasAndrewsHendricksSlide 22LeviPMortonSlide 23Adlai StevensonISlide 24GarretthobartSlide 25TeddyRooseveltSlide 26CharlesWFairbanksSlide 27JamesShermanSlide 28ThomasRMarshallSlide 29CalvinCoolidgeSlide 30CharlesGDawesSlide 31CharlesCurtisSlide 32JohnNanceGarnderSlide 33HenryAWallaceSlide 34HarrySTrumanSlide 35AlbenwbarkleySlide 36RichardMNixonSlide 37LyndonBJohnsonSlide 38HubertHHumphreySlide 39SpiroAgnewSlide 40GeraldFordSlide 41NelsonRockefellerSlide 42WalterMondaleSlide 43GeorgeHWBushSlide 44DanQuayleSlide 45AlCoreSlide 46_DickCheneySlide 47JoeBidenSlide


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