Bernhard Lang Aerial Photography

Summer is basically over.  It’s time that we face the gloomy, gray, drizzly music and just accept that fact right now.  But before we say goodbye to my very favourite warm, sunny, unseasonably dry season of the whole year, let’s check out some photography.  Aerial photography, that is, by Bernhard Lang.  Most of the photos featured here are from an Adriatic beach resort, and when I look at them, I feel the sun warm on my shoulders and my feet in the sand. Join me, won’t you?

AV_Adria001 AV_Adria003 AV_Adria004 AV_Adria005 AV_Adria006 AV_Adria008 AV_Adria009 AV_Adria010 AV_Adria011 AV_Adria013 AV_Adria014 AV_Adria015 AV001 AV002 AV003 AV004 AV005 AV006 AV007 AV008 AV009 AV011 AV012 AV013 AV014 AV016 AV017 AV018 AV019 AV020 AV021 AV022 AV023 AV025 AV026 bernhard-1 bernhard-2 bernhard-3 bernhard-4 bernhard-5 bernhard-6 bernhard-7 bernhard-8 bernhard-9


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