Help Ink

Hello, all you beautiful readers! I suppose you thought I’d perished, but FEAR NOT! I have just been Fringing my little heart out. So here I am, back with more artistic things that I adore.

Today’s post is about a site I discovered called Help Ink. For every five dollars you spend on their site (they make prints, notebooks, cards, and other paper goods with designs from a variety of collaborating artists), they will donate one dollar of it to one of several charities of your choice. The charities provide such things as books to African children, medical supplies, and clean drinking water. It’s such a great idea, and a way to get some beautiful art and support others.

A Lifetime of Giving Adopt Me All That Is Gold All Your Heart Be A Good One Be Good Bee Kind Being Positive Reckons the Unexpected Better When Sharewd Do The Impossible Everyone Explore Fortune Favors the eBold Four Horsemen Four Paws Give a Damn Give Live Freely Give To The Poor Given Away Good Deeds Great Here's To Unexpected Adventures Humble Beginnings It's A Beautiful Day Love More Love Others Read Rebuild Smallest Piece Smile Breathe and Go Slowly So You Plant Your Garden Thank God It's Today The End is Where We Began This Too Shall Pass You Are Capable of All Things Good You Can't Take It With You


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