Richard Clarkson: “Cloud”

Richard Clarkson Studio has a motto that I could really stand behind: “Harmonious Contradictions and Unapologetic Curiosity.” Richard Clarkson, artist extraordinaire, began the New York- / New Zealand- based design studio as an experimental design, lighting and furniture studio. His works are complex, visually stunning, and in general pretty amazing.

Have you ever thought you loved thunderstorms so much, you wish you could see one up close and personal? R.C. has a solution for you: Cloud. The Cloud is an interactive lamp and speaker system. Its hypoallergenic fill / sponge body houses a speaker system, a series of colourful lights, and comes with a remote control. Your own personal storm can be played anytime you pass by, or whenever you choose. It’s such a neat idea, and while the price may not be for the faint of heart, the product is so unique it’s certainly something I’d give my left arm to play around with.

cloud makerfaire_remote 1


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