Marieke Van der Velden Swimming Pool Photography

Dutch photojournalist Marieke Van der Velden is fascinated by swimming pools. She theorizes that, no matter how different two cultures might be, chances are their residents might share a love for these chlorinated oases.  Nothing makes me happier than the sight of a great outdoor swimming pool.  I grew up in small-town Canadiana, where we had our “big” 25-metre swimming pool with the giant duck painted on the bottom, and you had to wait on pins and needles until swimming season started.  Now, the outdoor pool is closed, and they have a big, state-of-the-art aquatic centre.  I think it’s kind of a shame; another bastion of childhood gone away.  But Marieke has been photographing swimming pools in every country she has visited since 2009.  Her travels have brought her to some stunning places, from Burkina Faso to Liberia, Portugal to Malawi.  Hover over the photo to see the location!



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