Eye, Heart, Spleen

Camila Sitarama Carlow is a Guatemalan-born, Bristol-based artist who operates the webiste Canimate showcasing her work. She uses a variety of mediums and techniques (photography, art, even flowers!) I’m focusing on this beautiful collection of works she has done, called Eye, Heart, Spleen.  I may not have ever mentioned it here before, but I work in health care!  Acute care, in a hospital, as a matter of fact.  I see people daily that illuminate the fact that the human body and its systems are a fragile organism.  This collection puts forth this idea visually.  Camila artfully arranges foraged flowers and weeds into thirteen photos of bodily organs or systems, then photographs them.  I think it’s a creative, beautiful idea.  Looking at me serves to remind me how precious our bodies really are.



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