Puppy Love Studios


I’m a sucker for a dog.  Scruffy, tiny, massive and drooly, fluffy and squishy.  I have friends with cats, and I think those cats are cute and all, but the dogs in my life are just on another level!  I can’t have any pets where I live, but I have many surrogate dogs (including a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, two Newfoundlands and a Viszla) that I can snuggle with semi-regularity.

Michelle at Puppy Love Studios gets it.  She’s a designer and illustrator from Melbourne, Australia, who makes a fine living doing custom art work on her favourite subject matter: dogs! She creates beautiful general portraits of different dogs breeds, but will also do a custom portrait of your beloved furry friend and capture his furry face and fabulous character.


She does also do non-dog-related art (at Nuvo Studios). Check her out! And maybe, just maybe, immortalize your dog forever. The little guy with the bow-tie just kills me.


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