Ladyfingers Letterpress


Ladyfingers Letterpress is the talented combination of Arley-Rose Torsone and Morgan Calderini. They do beautiful letterpress work, working out of their studio in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.  Both attended art school and met when they while working in AS220, an arts non-profit in Rhode Island.  A working collaboration blossomed into a relationship, and the two were married a few years later.  While researching same-sex wedding invitations before their own impending wedding, they found them to be cliche-ridden and saw a chance to create something much better.  The invitations they designed for themselves became an internet sensation, and from then on they launched their careers as “practitioners of the unique, wild and lovely.”

I love both their non-custom cards (they’re cute, clever and colourful, my personal 3 Cs) and samples of their custom work alike.  They have been featured in many prominent publications (Martha Stewart, anyone?) and on one of my favourite sites, Oh So Beautiful Paper!



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