Jimmy Marble

Jimmy Marble oh my goodness oh my goodness!  This dude.


Jimmy Marble is a fantastic artist of many trades who lives and works in Los Angeles.  He makes movies, takes pictures, creates music videos, draws pictures and makes many many cool things.  Are you intrigued yet? Any artist who takes his bio picture with a mountain of Oreos is okay in my books, that’s for sure!  There are many things about his work that I like: colour, creative concepts, boldness.  Some of his photos series are wonderfully high-concept, and I just can’t stop looking at them! (Like this set, Beneath the Pavement, Beach, which is based on 1960s student protest photos)


What I really love the most are his handmade banners.  Sporting positive phrases and made individually out of plain canvas layered over coloured canvas, you can buy them through his Etsy shop and liven up your home.  I would really, really, love to have one of his works for my gallery wall (as I am slowly collecting art nowadays).  I would gladly display any of them, but the very best for me is the French banner, translating to “This will amount to nothing.”



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