Can Good Graphic Design Help the Homeless?

One of the online magazines I have started following, Co.Design, is rapidly becoming one of my favourite things to read.  I know I’m not always at my most eloquent at describing precisely WHY I am choosing to post things here (other than I find them interesting).  My descriptive powers fail me on occasion, and I just love things because I love them.  I’m also aware that I throw around the term “favourite” a lot, but I have been lucky enough to discover new artists and publications nearly daily now that I’m truly plumbing the depths of the internet.  I guess I see this blog as a place to collect beautiful things and neat ideas.  They’re not my own, but the gathering of them in one place gives me some pretty immense satisfaction.

But I digress. Co.Design has published a lot of interesting articles on design, but one popped up in my newsfeed today with the tantalizing title, “Can Good Graphic Design Help the Homeless?” The article is about a project called Signs for the Homeless, which helps update the handmade, sometimes worse-for-wear signs of the homeless folks they work with to something colourful, creative and eye-catching, in order to give them a chance to be seen.  I won’t go in to greater detail; you can read the whole article here.  I, myself, think it’s a really interesting concept. Here are the pictorial results, before and after shots, of course!



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