Darren Booth


My favourite thing about doing more research relating to art is the synchronicity of being pointed to an artist over and over again.  I am starting to seek out design magazines (Communication Arts, Computer Arts, Co.Design, to name a few that I am starting to really enjoy) to help me get ideas inspired by the creativity of others.  I saw some lettering work of Darren Booth’s on a website, and immediately thought, “is this the guy who did the Work/Life cover?”.  I went to Uppercase’s website and saw that, yes, he designed the cover for Work/Life 2.  Neat!  So I went to his website and started browsing through his portfolio, and then saw a few other things I recognized!  I saw the cover for Steve Martin’s novel “An Object of Beauty,” and also the fox from Communication Arts’ Illustration Annual, which I JUST purchased for my iPad two days ago.  This guy is everywhere!  He’s done work for some pretty major clients (the New York Times, Steve Martin, Aol, Target…)

The things I like about Darren’s work: hand-done type, liberal use of colour, lots of excellent geometry (I like strong shapes).  I get a bit of the sense of a collage sometimes, and I don’t mind that one bit.  He sells prints, and I think I might just save up for the polar bear. Because I loves me some polar bears.



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