Rachel Ignotofsky

Adding to my massively growing list of illustrators whose work I adore, enter Rachel Ignotofsky.


Just look at that face and all the beautiful little things behind her!  Once upon a time I was told that everything needs to be matchy matchy.  Then I realized that my desire to mix colours in odd ways and my intense attraction to all sorts of things that had nothing to do with one another was not a bad thing at all! It’s the spillover of my creative eye after all.

Rachel is a graphic designer and illustrator who lives in Kansas City, who works at Hallmark in addition to doing her own artwork as a freelancer.  I love the colours and shapes of her work, as well as her body systems diagrams.  She has inspired me to try to work on my own science related diagrams. I am getting so many ideas in this quest for artwork. Thanks Rachel! Enjoy some of my favourite works of hers.



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