Chris McVeigh Lego Builds


A Poem for Lego (untitled, found on the internet. Author: John Edward Smallshaw)

The Lego Man in his Lego house
Made Lego love with his Lego spouse
While his Lego cat Caught a Lego mouse
And all was well in Legoland.

Everyone in my age group has to remember Lego.  At its most popular in the 80s and 90s, before there were super fancy building kits, we spent countless hours in our basement rec rooms building the ugliest, most ridiculous structures in adoration.  I remember well the keen sting of stepping on a block whilst barefoot, maybe drawing blood, maybe just denting the crap out of your foot.  After you’d spent some time building, you’d find pieces all over the place for days.

Chris McVeigh does some awesome things with Lego.  Firstly, he builds and photographs neat scenarios using lego builds (and sometimes Star Wars miniature figurines).


Secondly, he creates custom builds for objects that he sells the kits for! He does fun projects like food, retro tech items, and other delightfully geeky things. I, personally, would love to buy the kit for the original Nintendo system, and the Polaroid camera!



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