Spirit City Toronto by Aaron Leighton


Another Canadian homeboy has done good!  I found out about Aaron Leighton in a rather roundabout way.  When I first discovered Uppercase a few weeks ago, I bought my current copy of the magazine and devoured it at home.  Two days later, I went into Intrepid Theatre (a local theatre company which produces the Fringe Festival I’m heavily involved with) to pick up a cheque and to pass along some information.  I started telling our highly creative and lovely Artistic Director about this new magazine I found, and she turned out to have a pile of out-of-print back issues sitting on her desk! She was in Calgary at the time the magazine first started coming out, and has every issue of the magazine.  Creative minds flock together!

So! My friend happily loaned me her copies, as well as one of the books released by the company (Work/Life).  While flipping through the book, I saw some art that just leapt out at me, by an illustrator named Aaron Leighton! I recognized his style immediately, as I was 99% certain he had designed the promotional materials and programs for our 2009 Fringe Festival (and yes, I remembered the year right away too. I guess I’m a savant for this kind of stuff now).  While poking gleefully around his lovely website, I found that he did a combined photography/illustration book called Spirit City Toronto, chronicling the lives of adorable homeless nature spirits about the city.  I was sad to discover that the book was sold out (which happens with independent things I discover around 3 years after they come out), but I could find many of the pictures online.  I would like to get my mitts on the book for my newly growing art book collection, but if not, hey! I can still admire the art.



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