Julia Rothman’s Farm Anatomy

I remember seeing this book on feature at Chapters, right up near the front doors a while (six months? a year? does it matter?) ago.  I was drawn in by the cover, which was just a little treasure trove of hand-drawn illustrations:


Farm Anatomy is the brainchild of Julia Rothman.  Her husband, Matt, grew up a child on an Iowa farm, and Rothman, a native of New York City was thoroughly enchanted by all the tales of his youth.  Over time, a great many trips were made to her husband’s parents’ farm, and this book is a gold mine of illustrations and explanations about life on a farm.  The book is a great opportunity for people to find out all they want to know about farm life, from types of angora rabbits, to typical crop rotation cycles, to commonly grown vegetables, to the many varieties of farm machinery.  The whole thing is detailed, colourful, thorough, and utterly beautiful.  Julia Rothman has done a great many designs, and has a huge variety of products available that she designs for.  Be sure to check out her website; the variety is fantastic.  This book is going straight on top of my coffee table so that people can page through it when they’re over.  It’s things like this that make me wish I had studied graphic design instead of healthcare!



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