Evelin Kasikov

I have been interested lately in the resurgence of people I know doing cross stitching.  It’s not your grandmother’s old-fashioned, flowered-and-china-patterned-stuffed-shirt art form any more.  Nor do you have to be an old lady to do it.  You can do pretty much anything! Mean Girls? Mario? Portlandia? Done.


So when I discovered Evelin Kasikov (and it is a great, GREAT simplification to say she does cross-stitch…that’s part of it, yes), I was super intrigued by her use of embroidery and hand-stitching.  Evelin is an Estonian-born graphic designer who now lives in London, designing books and in general being a fantastic graphic artist.  She likes to use typography, grid systems, and design techniques to create hand-made but mathematically precise works of art.  This stuff is stunning and looks like the technique would be simple, but I can’t be fooled. I know it’s got to be hideously complex, and this creative soul must have the patience of a saint. ^_^


I just really felt the need to leave this here. Now for the seriously beautiful artistic stylings of Ms. Kasikov.



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