Helen Musselwhite and the Best Paper-Cutting I’ve Seen Yet!

My number one artistic love (that I really just need to make time to practice with) is still paper cutting and manipulating. I think there are so many things you can do with paper, and it has the added benefit of being a relatively inexpensive medium to experiment with at the beginning. I think part of what is stopping me from getting down to it (besides the fact that I work 57.5 hours a week, play in a band and take swing dance classes and have no more time left) is that I’m worried I’m going to be disappointed in how my work turns out, since all of my inspirations do super amazing things!

I’m a person who has NEVER enjoyed being bad at things.  I used to rely on picking something up quickly or else.  The things I have worked at since childhood, I know I failed before I succeeded.

  • My first attempt at Red Cross swimming lessons? I screamed for my life and refused to let go of the side of the pool.  I failed, got private lessons, and then all of a sudden, swam like a fish and soon joined competitive swimming, which I did for the next ten or so years.
  • Band? I may be a pretty proficient musician now, but I think I was the last person to get a sound out of my flute all those years ago.

It’s hard to reconcile the idea of multiple failed attempts at something I want to be good at so badly, but I guess if I don’t start trying it out, I’ll never get good at anything.  Avanti!

That’s, I suppose, a rather long-winded way of getting around to the work of Helen Musselwhite.  A UK-based paper artist extraordinaire, her work is influenced by many things: the flora and fauna of the English countryside, Indian Miniature paintings, and Andy Warhol’s pen and ink drawings, to name but a few.  She has done commissioned works for all sorts of clients, and I think everything is just fantastical!



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