Delicious National Flags. Intrigued? You Should Be.

One of my very favourite things as a kid, for many years, was to dig out our big fat copy of Webster’s Dictionary.  Besides pressing flowers in it, and keeping a mint condition $1 and $2 bill in it (both now defunct forms of Canadian currency), in the centre of the dictionary was a full-colour glossy section.  In that section? Flags.  All the nation’s flags (as per the 80s, I believe), as well as a ton of nautical flags.  I used to replicate these flags for hours, digging out my pencil crayons and really just getting in there.  I credit this strange obsession with my still quite extensive flag-recognition skills.  

Later on, in university, I discovered my roommate (an aspiring political science major) also had a love for flags, and she and I would haunt the flag shop downtown and buy mini-flags in holders, and fill up our windows like a little model United Nations office.  I have since lost the mini-flags, but when I saw a link to this little photo project, I was intrigued.

As part of the promotional material for the Sydney International Food Festival, the Australian advertising agency WHYBIN/TBWA created national flags out of some of that country’s traditional food items and photographed them.  The results are creative and beautiful! Follow the link to find out what countries the flags belong to and what foods they’re made out of; I already knew at least half of them. Thanks Webster’s!



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