Covet + Keep Jewelry

Score one for the local girl!  I just discovered (via the neck of a coworker), a gal who makes braille jewellery with sassy sayings on it.  The company is Covet + Keep, and it is fabulous and adorable and saucy all at once.


The brainchild of Covet + Keep is Elea Hilliard, a local girl who has worked overseas as a fashion editor and travelled the globe for her work before returning home to craft a jewellery line that she loves.  She doesn’t have a storefront of her own at present, but sells through some of Victoria’s hip little shops and, of course, on her website.  I love the idea of the braille, and of wearing a message you can either choose to reveal to anyone who asks, or keep a secret just for yourself.  I have two pieces by her:


“Jessie.”  I’m a sucker for bunting, and the three pendants say “f” “heart” and “u” respectively. It’s tiny and delicate, and something I can wear every day.  I wore it the day I got it and got a lot of questions asked about it.



“Chelsea.” Says nil desperandum, which is Latin for “Never Despair.”  It hangs long and I haven’t worn it out and about yet.

There are a host of other messages, including “I’m Not Sorry,” “This Too Shall Pass,” “Know Thyself,” and a set of friend necklaces that say “Best” “Bitches.” This stuff is suuuuuper cute and everything that touches your skin is sterling silver or gold fill, which is especially good for my easily irritated skin. Enjoy, possums!


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