Bluebellgray Textiles

I am in love.  I never would have thought of myself as much of a flower girl.  China patterns, big wedding bouquets, old-fashioned wallpaper? Not my thing.  But I find, as I get older (listen to me!), I found myself more and more drawn to beautiful flowered things.

Last year, I noticed that Chapters was starting to sell a lot more housewares than I ever remembered.  My friend all laughed and said “this is ridiculous! Is this a bookstore or what?” but I found myself beelining to a display of pillows and ogling, in particular, over a couple of stunning floral pillows that were way out of my price range (the range of a girl thinking of impulse buying a pillow).  But I kept returning, and I kept eyeballing those pillows, and when they went on sale, I was the proud owner of two of the prettiest pillows I ever did see!  I know it’s silly to love pillows so much, but here we are.

Bluebellgray is a Scottish textiles company that was formed around five years ago.  Designed by Fi Douglas, who graduated from the Glasgow School of Art, her line includes bed linens, curtains, rugs, cushions, and art prints, among other things.  Fi’s work is bursting at the seams with colour, and if there’s anything I love, it’s bright colour.  I’m an absolute sucker for it.  I think one of my next “save up for it” home decor indulgences will be a comforter.  Or maybe that thought will stay in my dreams for now.



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