The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Now, I’m as attracted to fabulous cinematography and design in the movies as I am to beautiful photography.  This Christmas, I didn’t have the opportunity to see my family for the first time in my 29 years on earth (awwwwwww), so my two closest friends and I had a movie marathon on Christmas Day at the local theatre.  We saw The Desolation of Smaug (of course), American Hustle (excellent for the 70s style and a hilarious Jennifer Lawrence), and this gem:


This. Film. Is. Wonderful.  It’s a loose remake of a movie from 1947.  In the updated version, Walter Mitty is a quiet, predictable man (prone to fanciful daydreams) who works at Life Magazine.  He works in the negative assets department, and comes in to work one day to discover that his beloved workplace of 16 years is being downsized to an online publication, and that the next print version of the magazine will be its last.  Walter has had a long-running work partnership with reclusive photographer Sean O’Connell, who does amazing work and entrusts Walter to get it where it needs to go. He sends in one last roll of film, stating that negative 25 best embodies the “quintessence of Life,” but there’s only one problem: the negative is missing.  Paired with a romantic subplot, suffice to say Walter goes on a worldwide hunt for the photographer to try to regain the missing negative and (at the risk of sounding cliched) discovers a lot about his character along the way.  I’m a biiiiiig sucker for northern, arctic climes and the beauty therein.  This movie was gorgeously filmed.  I loved the score and soundtrack, too….also big draws for me.  Oh and I do like Ben Stiller in a slightly more dramatic role.  Enjoy some of the shots I loved best from the movie (shame I couldn’t find more on the internets).  For extra creativity, a lot of the Life covers featured in the movie were not really Life covers at all!




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