One Plus One

One Plus One is a neat little boutique firm located in Winnipeg (go Canada! Score one for the home team!). Run by Jessie and Tyler, they do custom graphic design and illustration.


Just look at those two crazy kids! What a cute banner! Their work is bright, cheery and fresh-looking, as is their site.  And good news: they have an Etsy store! These are a few of the things I would love to own (better start making space in my apartment for all the art prints I would love to buy….)

PS: I’m figuring out this wordpress thing a little better; just click on the picture for the link to buy your very own copy of any of these lovelies!


I LOVE stamps!  They also have one that says “To the Queen Bee.” Things like this make me want to get more into the art of correspondence; buying (or making) stationery someday and sending more letters. I think this is what I want to do!

ImageImageImageImageImageAnd THESE little buttons made me wish I were getting married! I guess that’s what starting Pinterest boards are for. I’ll keep dreaming of delicate little party favours, then!


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