New Year, New Calendar!

Etsy is my happy place.  It’s one of the meccas for creative people posting handmade lovely crafts, and I could easily spend hours racking up imaginary debt with all the things I would love to own.  However, I restrain myself about ninety-five percent of the time, like a good little girl.  I thought, in light of the new year, that it would be fun to find the best things that I felt etsy had to offer in the calendar market.  The results are pretty delightful, I’m not going to lie.

1. Cute Superhero Calendar


2. Retro Fruit and Vegetable Calendar


3. Pieces and Patterns Wall Calendar


4. Twelve Adorable Dogs Calendar


5. Minerals Calendar


6. Moonrise Kingdom Calendar


7. Miyazaki Calendar


8. Screen Printed Lunar Calendar


9. Mountain Calendar


10. Letterpress Cityscape Postcard Calendar


And with that, I will lay off the posting for the rest of New Year’s Eve! I’m just so excited I started this blog; I’m having so much fun being creative.


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