Jordan Matter Photography

My goodness this guy is talented!  My love of Jordan Matter’s work started out as a link to one of those uncredited Facebook posts (which are so frustrating…at least credit the guy!).  The first thing of this fellow’s that I saw was some of the photos of dancers that he took, from a collection called Dancers Among Us.  Then I realized that this collection was, in fact, a book, and in one of those Morgan moments had the book in my possession by the end of the day.

I can easily get on board with someone whose motto is:

BE passionate joyful euphoric intense angry present ALIVE

…I mean, right?  Words I should really aspire to live by, especially when you feel like days are just whizzing by in a succession quicker than you can say boo.


Jordan has a couple of sites including a home base, tumblr, and sites for each major project; feel free to check out any of them:


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