Deven Stross’ Iridescent Antarctica

I’m lucky enough to live in a place that doesn’t suffer in the wintertime.  I live in the Pacific Northwest on Vancouver Island, and we are blessed with mild temperatures year-round, snow only rarely, and rain frequently.

This is what December looked like this year:


But I grew up with snow! I spent my formative years a native of Revelstoke, a little town nestled in between three mountain ranges.  Some of my dominating memories are of winter: shovelling all the snow up under the eaves of the house and jumping off the roof into all the snow, the omnipresent snow pile out front of every elementary school, tobogganing on the golf course, snow on Halloween….I could go on and on here.  I still have a great love for winters, even if I don’t get them any more.  I saw Deven Stross‘ photo set from Antarctica and they reminded me that not only is winter full of white, it can also be rioting with colour!



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